Captain America & Behind The Art

Captain America is a collection of documentaries about American culture and history. My second series, Focus, uses explanatory journalism to understand the news. They are the more popular shows on my YouTube channel, some episodes have been watched more than 750.000 times. Topics include any aspect of American life, such as sports, cities, politics, popular culture, and important historical events. With this series, I intend to make French people understand how American myths were built, explain the memorable events that shaped America, teach how some cities became world icons, and more.

France has always had a special friendship with the United States and American soft power has had a strong influence on French culture. The goal of my work is to have a better understanding of things that French people had initially discovered through movies or TV shows.

Historical Documentary Using Archives

My Most Popular Episode So Far



News Video Using Explanatory Journalism

Full-length Documentary About 9/11

Behind The Art is my newest creation. I use any piece of art, whether it’s a film, a book, a song or a painting, and explain an aspect of American culture through it. While most Europeans learned about American life through arts, I believe using those media will help to understand this unique culture and might make some people discover unknown pieces of American Art.


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