A year ago, I decided to finally do what I had been waiting for years: apply for an international program at Walt Disney World in Florida. It was the first step to live an unforgettable experience in a country I had been dreaming forever, and most of all, in the greatest company ever: the one … Continue Reading

Discovering Miami And South Florida (With A French Point Of View)

Sleeping in a Motel, driving on 8-lanes highways and being overtaken by huge pick-up trucks, buying food in a supermarket on a Sunday at 10 pm or even eating a bagel for breakfast: they may be simple things for Americans, and they might be insignificant for many Europeans. But for me, it was almost a dream becoming true. … Continue Reading

I’m Back

When I created this blog, I was about 15. A few articles have been written since this day but I’ve never been really regular and I’ve never succeeded in running all of this. By the way, the last article I have written was posted about a year ago. That’s why I’ve decided to start all … Continue Reading

Welcome to the Future

Dans quelques jours, comme tous les ans vous recevrez SMS de personnes que vous connaissez ou non qui vous souhaiterons une bonne année. J’espère pour vous que ces messages vont changer votre vie, mais là n’est pas le sujet. J’ai simplement remarqué que le passage à cette prochaine année allait être un peu différent. En 2013 ou 2014, … Continue Reading