Look Up! Seven Gems Below 14th Street In Manhattan You Should Pay More Attention To

You are going to downtown, again. Since New York City has so much to offer, you may wonder if drinking in that same bar in the East Village is a good idea, or if you should try something new. You may also think that it is time to enjoy the city, just like millions of … Continue Reading

It Is Time To Become Someone New

Packing for the longest trip in your life, saying goodbye to your friends and family, hopping on your plane alone, wondering if you should try to speak with the person next to you and then realizing she doesn’t speak your language. After an eight-hour flight and two-hour line at the border, you’ve arrived. You’re there … Continue Reading

Rediscover New York City with French eyes

I guess it might seem strange to read an article about New York City when you live right next to it, especially in a section called “Adventure”. You don’t need me to know that the Empire State Building is quite tall and that the view from Brooklyn Heights is very nice. However, you may have … Continue Reading

Discovering Miami and South Florida

Sleeping in a Motel, driving on 8-lanes highways and being overtaken by huge pick-up trucks, buying food in a supermarket on a Sunday at 10 pm or even eating a bagel for breakfast: they may be simple things for Americans, and they might be insignificant for many Europeans. But for me, it was almost a dream becoming true. … Continue Reading