When I created this blog, I was about 15. A few articles have been written since this day but I’ve never been really regular and I’ve never succeeded in running all of this. By the way, the last article I have written was posted about a year ago. That’s why I’ve decided to start all over again. I’m back and very happy to share with you my next adventures on the web.

For a better experience, every article is along with a music that correspond to my mood, the theme of the article or simply that remind me of the scene of a movie or a piece of series that I like. Yet, in that case, you have to find the reference. You can listen to it before or during your reading. Today, I’ve chosen  Walking by Ash Grunwald, because I’m motivated. However, I’m able to write without taking NZT.

Although we live in an era in which blogging almost became out of fashion in order to give way video platforms like YouTube, I’ve decided to come back to my favorite platform with the aim of knowing again the pleasure of writing about something that I like -a thing that I haven’t done for a while. For the occasion, I decided to start over. My posts have been deleted in order to favor a new content that, I hope, will be regular. That’s why the design of the website has been remade, just like the logo and the categories. By the way, since I’m talking about that, I’d like to introduce the new categories of the blog and their future content, so that it will be more understandable for everybody :

  • Life Journal : Probably the best way to be close to me and to follow my adventures. Actually, these posts are storytelling. That’s where I write everything I want to share with you, whether they are banal or extraordinary. It’s just the reflexion of my everyday life, my thoughts or my way toward my goals.
  • Travel : No need to develop more. Articles that will make you travel with me in the goal to help you to get up off your couch and buy a plane ticket. Traveling it a way to change place but also to change your head. That’s why it’s important to me.
  • Fanboy : Whether it’s to speak about my favorite movies or my favorite bands, the articles from this category will put my impartiality aside in order to let my addictions speak. I’m captivated by many things and that’s why I will write about it with you here.
  • Icons : We all have icons that inspire us to accomplish things. Whether they are famous or not, I’ll write about mine in this category.

At the same time, you probably don’t know it, I also created a YouTube channel a few months ago. For the moment, I publish my show Captain America, a sort of mini documentaries about the US history and culture, in French (maybe I’ll make English subtitles later).
Yet, if this channel bears my name, that’s because I’ll probably post other types of videos and I’m particularly thinking of beautiful travel videos. That’s why you should subscribe to it if it’s not already the case !

So, finally, I have nothing more to say in this article. In a nutshell : I’m back.

PS : My native language is French but I also write my articles in English to help me practice the language. That’s why there are probably a few mistakes in the text. I hope I’ll progress in English if I keep practicing this way, that would help me much in the future for my job ! You can read my articles in French here.

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