With a total of more than two million views and more than 41.000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, my videos represent the most important part of my work. Even if I started with a self-taught experience, I then decided to study Digital Storitelling at the State University of New York at New Paltz to learn more about video creation. I also learned new filmmaking and storytelling techniques when participating at different events organized by the Media and Journalism Society, including a masterclass of the Documentary Director Barbara Kopple.

I process every single step of video production by myself. I work on research, fact-checking, script writing, voice recording, video shooting (when not using archives,) editing and publishing. My work also includes the creation of thumbnails. 

Welcome To America is a collection of shorter videos that directly bring the viewer in the United States. It is an attempt of sharing beautiful American landscapes and cityscapes, but also discovering the American way of life and the American people. Those videos were shot during my trips across the country.

All my videos are available clicking on the button below.

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